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Our Senior School boasts a huge array of extra-curricular activities, all held at lunchtime or after school. Clubs include: drama, art, debating, coding and science to name just a few. 


There are an enormous number of clubs at Brighton Girls. Some run before school starts but the majority run either during lunch breaks or after school. A timetable is published at the start of each new term. Some clubs may also run seasonally, like sports clubs for instance. And we also have clubs that link with other school events, such as the school play or musical performed in December. Many clubs are weekly or fortnightly and the majority are run by staff, with a few overseen by Sixth Formers. For the Year 7 to 9 timetable – Click here, and for Years 10 and 11 – Click here.



Sport is an essential part of our curriculum. We recognise that not only does it offer health benefits but helps develop an appreciation for team work, fair play and builds self-confidence.

We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme which has an emphasis on girls participation in a range of sporting activities. Our experienced PE staff and specialist coaches support our pupils to achieve their own personal targets.


Individual music tuition is organised on a rotating timetable up to Year 9 and then at a regular, fixed time in Years 10 to 13.

Speech & Drama

Speech and Drama lessons promote confidence, communication and performance skills. Taking these classes will encourage your daughter to stand tall, produce a clear, confident voice whilst having fun. When she feels ready she can choose to take grades in ‘Speech and Drama,’ ‘Devising’ and ‘Acting,’ which in the higher grades also count towards UCAS points ..

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an internationally recognised programme that encourages young people to challenge themselves by participating in a wide range of activities that include volunteering and an expedition.

Girls can register for participation in the Award scheme at Bronze Level at the start of Year 10, and for Silver in Years 11-13. Training sessions for the Expedition section are provided within school, and both the Practice and Qualifying Expeditions are arranged by school staff.

Brighton Girls Boughrood Field Centre

We have our own Field Centre that is used regularly for school trips and situated in the beautiful Wye Valley in Wales.

The main building houses the living accommodation, which includes a two-level dormitory sleeping up to 30 in bunk beds. The adjoining staff house sleeps a further six in three double rooms.




The activities offered as part of our extra-curricular programme are extensive and constantly evolving dependent on student needs. They are run by staff and Sixth Formers – with the range as diverse as our students’ interests and aspirations.

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    Robots and First Lego League

    This is where girls learn how to design, build and code a robot, using Lego Mindstorms and Sphero robots.

    We also take part in the First Lego League. This involves developing a robot to compete in a series of challenges. Spring and Summer terms are spent building and practising with the robots – ready for the International Lego League every autumn.

    3D Design and Print

    Here students learn how to design objects in 3D and then to 3D print them. Once girls have mastered the basics they can move on to more complex designs.

    If they’re already able to create 3D designs they can find help, and gain access to the school’s 3D printer, in STEM Club.

    There’s virtually no limit to what can be created. They could even enter their creation for a CREST Award or into the Big Bang competition.

    STEM Club: CREST Awards and the Big Bang Competition

    Any project that involves an aspect of science, technology, engineering or maths can be entered for a CREST Award or into the Big Bang Competition.

    It could be investigating melting chocolate, building an environmentally friendly house, developing an app or constructing a model from 3D printed pieces.

    The CREST Award is recognition that students have completed their own personal project. Whilst the Big Bang Competition offers great prizes for innovative projects.

    Studying STEM subjects in the future

    There are many courses, scholarships and enrichment opportunities on offer for STEM subjects.

    We’ve successfully supported Year 11 students in applying for an Arkwright Scholarship for future engineers. And we have a number of girls who have won places on Headstart, Inspire and Smallpeice Trust courses.

    British Science Week

    We have House events running throughout Science Week with a whole host of related activities. This year included “Jaws n Claws” where students got to safely handle a python, a Bearded Dragon, a Blue-tongued Skink, a Bay Tarantula and quite a grumpy scorpion.

    Other year groups saw the return of legendary Dr Richard Robinson, who this time entertained students with an engineering and physics challenge involving the trajectory of seagull poo!


We take part in the First Lego League. This involves developing a robot to compete in a series of challenges. Spring and Summer terms are spent building and practising with the robots – ready for the International Lego League every autumn.

Temple Project Qualification – TPQ

Every year, between the end of the summer term and November, Brighton Girls runs the Temple Project Qualification (or TPQ) for Year 7 onwards. This is a voluntary part of our enrichment programme, aiming to encourage girls to pursue their own interests, to develop their intellectual curiosity and to push themselves to organise and complete their own projects, with the guidance of teacher-supervisors. The name references Thomas Kemp’s home, which has been home to the school since 1880 and which he called the Temple.

The Temple Project Qualification is designed to challenge and inspire students and is a voluntary extra-curricular qualification. There are four different levels across Years 7 to 11.

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    Because it is an independent project TPQ is launched in the summer term so that the bulk of the research and planning can be done over the summer break. The deadline is halfway through the autumn term of the next academic year.

    This voluntary qualification is part of the enrichment programme at Brighton Girls. It supports our mission to provide students with an education that will “…empower them to think for themselves and to discover the excitement which intellectual curiosity brings, as well as a sense of self-worth and individuality.”

    It also provides an excellent grounding for the nationally recognised Extended Project Qualification that is taken in Sixth Form. Universities recommend this qualification and it’s increasingly requested with higher A-Level grades.

    Successful TPQ tasks often set a question or problem to give the project focus and purpose. It aims to demonstrate research acumen, creativity and the development of new skills. It’s a challenging but hugely enjoyable qualification and completing a TPQ is something to be proud of.

CRED Malawi

The Malawi CRED Team Trip is an opportunity to travel to Nkhata Bay in Malawi and spend time working with Butterfly Space. Students work with one of the nearby primary schools, providing a high-quality, educational activity week to some of the poorest children.

New York

The Philosophy Department’s City of New York Trip offers a fascinating cultural experience for our students. We explore a range of different topics including the ethics of New York’s history in the 19th & 20th c, as well as its current philosophical and ethical outlooks. This involves a non-stop programme of unforgettable experiences from our base in Manhattan, including the Statue of Liberty, United Nations, Harlem & Broadway.


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