Senior School Careers Programme

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Thinking about opportunities in the wider world begins as early as Year 7. Students learn about their own strengths and passions to explore what success means to them.

Years 7-9

  • Pupils learn to talk positively about their strengths and explore what success means to them. A series of careers lectures inspires them to be open-minded and ambitious
  • Pupils will also learn about the importance of enterprise and develop their employability skills
  • When making GCSE option choices, pupils will take part in a careers profiling programme and receive one-to-one guidance from our Head of Careers to ensure informed decision-making

Years 10-11

  • Pupils take part in an employability masterclass and learn about current workplace recruitment practices
  • More in-depth careers profiling takes place and pupils receive one-to-one careers guidance interviews, resulting in an individual action plan
  • Pupils are guided as they prepare to undertake a week-long work experience placement at the end of Year 11. 

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