Senior School Careers Programme

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Thinking about opportunities in the wider world begins as early as Year 7. Students learn about their own strengths and passions to explore what success means to them.

Years 7-9

  • Pupils learn to talk positively about their strengths and explore what success means to them. A series of careers lectures inspires them to be open-minded and ambitious
  • Pupils will also learn about the importance of enterprise and develop their employability skills
  • When making GCSE option choices, pupils will take part in a careers profiling programme and receive one-to-one guidance from our Head of Careers to ensure informed decision-making

Years 10-11

  • Pupils take part in an employability masterclass and learn about current workplace recruitment practices
  • More in-depth careers profiling takes place and pupils receive one-to-one careers guidance interviews, resulting in an individual action plan
  • Pupils are guided as they prepare to undertake a week-long work experience placement at the end of Year 11. 
  • Recent Leavers

    Alice Atherton – University of Sussex, Psychology (with a foundation year)

    Khushi Choudhari – Royal Holloway, University of London, Computer Science with integrated foundation year

    Laila Choudhury – University of Surrey, Law

    Lili Connell – University of Sussex, Psychology (with a professional placement year)

    Hannah Dalgleish – Nottingham Trent University, Furniture Product Design

    Matt Deas – University of Brighton, Paramedic Science

    Niamh Horler – University of York, History of Art

    Tallulah Huggins – Bristol, University of the West of England, Business Management and Marketing (with a foundation year)

    Laila Kreimeia – University College London, Ancient World

    Ariana Thomson – Gap year

    Mary Watts – University of Winchester, Physiotherapy

    Ruby Welch – Nicol – Gap year

    Mia Barrow – University College London, Classics

    Emily Blofeld – Gap year

    Rowan Damaschin – Gap year

    Saloni Desai – Queen Mary University of London, Computer Science with Industrial Experience

    Phoebe Dowglass – Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Ballet and Contemporary Dance

    Beverley Fung – Kings’ College London, University of London, Medicine

    Cluny Graham, Oxford Brookes University, Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Molly Gray – University of Brighton, Psychology and Criminology

    Rosie Hall – University College London, Biomedical Sciences

    Mia Harrison – Brighton Met, Art and Design Foundation

    Millie Head – Gap year

    Phoebe Knight – Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, Engineering

    Mollie Kronhamn – University of York, Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance

    Ella McDermott – Gap year

    Insha Mehdi – University of Leicester, Biological Sciences (Genetics)

    Sam O’Donovan Rivadeneira – Gap year

    Ayesha Potts – University of Bath, Management with Marketing (with professional placement)

    Maya Powell – Oxford Brookes University, Criminology

    Eleanor Wilkinson – Edge Hill University, Psychology

    Amy Bailham – University of East Anglia, English Literature with Creative Writing

    Leily Bataineh – UCL, Biochemistry

    Tia Byrne – University of Bath, Robotics Engineering

    Isabelle Dove – University of Sheffield, Psychology

    Theodora Dowglass – Durham University, Computer Science

    Lauren Goldie – Durham University, Mathematics

    Marieta Goodband – University of Birmingham, Liberal Arts

    Amber Hambrook – University of Birmingham, Medicine

    Annie Jarto – University of Exeter, English and Modern Languages

    Dana Kim – Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, Textile Design

    Pippa Landy – University of Westminster, Marketing Management

    Rosa Madsen – Brighton Met, Art and Design Foundation

    Natasha O’Flynn – University of Nottingham, Medicine

    Nicole Standing – University of Leeds, Modern Languages and International Relations

    Betsy Brooks – University of Kent, Biomedical Science

    Clemmie Copeland –  University of Bristol, Law

    Beckie Dakin – University of Bath, Psychology (with placement))

    Ky Drake – Nottingham Trent Wildlife, Conservation

    Nina Gholami – Queen Mary University of London, Law

    Kiana Haji Sabegh – University of Leicester, Medicine

    Alice Hamilton – Institute of Contemporary Theatre, Brighton, Performing Arts

    Maddy Harding – University of Westminster, Psychology

    Isobel Hornsby – University of York, English

    Emily Kennard – Bournemouth University, Forensic Investigation

    Rani Martin – University of Oxford, Queens College, Philosophy, Politics and Economics

    Sasha Murray – University of Bath, Architecture (with placement)

    Eva Norton – University of Cambridge, Newnham College, Archaeology

    Maia Oakley – University of Sussex, Psychology

    Isobel Parr – University of Exeter, Film & Television Studies

    Kiara Rummery-Milne – University of Sussex, Biomedical Science

    Lucy Swaine – Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Medicine

    Lily Vincent – University College London, Law

    Nicole Standing – Reviewing her options

    Ruby-Ange Mortlock-Guarneri – Already a successful businesswoman: ‘Ruby Shoesday’ Brighton 



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