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At Brighton Girls our values are Kind and Bold.

The culture of our school is dynamic, creative and friendly; an environment where girls are confident, passionate and kind – not only ambitious for themselves, but for society.

Kind and Bold

If Brighton Girls were a stick of rock, we like to think that it would have the words ‘kind and bold’ running through the middle.

Our students act with and demonstrate kindness because they appreciate the value of community.  They are bold and courageous because they know where their strengths lie.

We hope that they will develop the confidence and the character to go out and make a positive difference in the world, understanding that real impact is delivered when courage and kindness combine.

Our Aims

At Brighton Girls, we strive to create an environment where students are:


  • are kind to others, and kind to themselves
  • understand the power of diversity, and value different perspectives
  • have a strong sense of community, and feel they belong
  • are developing strategies to manage their wellbeing

  • understand, value, and can articulate, their individual strengths
  • are intellectually curious, valuing learning for learning’s sake
  • face challenges with confidence and creativity 
  • aim high, believing they can make a difference

…and understand that the real impact is felt when kindness and courage combine.



We also have a strong sense of community and collective endeavour. Students are active in local events including our annual creative entry in Brighton Children’s Parade and volunteering at Brighton Marathon, two of many examples of collective local endeavour.

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