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Brighton Girls couldn’t be anywhere other than at the heart of vibrant, open, forward-facing Brighton. We’re a dynamic, creative, friendly school where girls are confident, passionate and kind – not only ambitious for themselves, but for society.

Girls first

As a founder of the Girls’ Day School Trust, we’ve championed girls’ education since it was in its infancy. We understand what makes girls tick and how to help them become all they can be. We do this by focusing on the joy of learning and on instilling curiosity, adventure and independence. All in a girls-only environment that’s reassuring yet always stimulating, giving students the confidence and motivation to shine.


We also have a strong sense of community and collective endeavour. Teachers are passionate about their subjects and draw the best from girls, as shown in our results. We combine this with sport, academic enrichment and other extra-curricular activities to develop knowledge, interests, emotional intelligence and teamwork.

Our Aims

At Brighton Girls, we strive to create an environment where students:

  • Are fully supported in every endeavour
  • Feel free to shine academically and socially
  • Are able to discover and develop their own character, strengths and interests, yet also value collective endeavour
  • Have a strong sense of community and the responsibilities and opportunities this involves
  • Have the confidence to go beyond what they think they can achieve
  • Without exception, feel they are nurtured and belong
  • Will look back at their school years with happiness
  • Learn to be resilient and positive
  • Leave school fully equipped to succeed in life

Our vision is of generations of Brighton Girls with the ability to lead and make a real difference in the world and who are both bold and kind.

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