The final week of the Spring Term has been a busy one, but it’s been a brilliant one. In the last few days, we’ve welcomed old friends back to the school, and we’ve said hello to many new faces. On Wednesday, women’s rights advocate, and former Head Girl, Daisy Wright, was accompanied by alumna, Helen Clifford (now a Producer at ITN News and ITN Productions), to speak at our Stepping Up to Sixth Form event. The same day saw the official launch of the Brighton Bees Netball Club and we were entertained by Kalea Stagg, former student and netball star. Kalea’s story of moving through the ranks of club and county-level netball and going on to represent England in the World Indoor Netball Championship in South Africa in 2019 was one of grit and determination. We all left feeling truly inspired. What struck me listening to all these speakers was the genuine affection they have for Brighton Girls. 

While we may all be feeling exhausted after three weeks of intensive learning, socialising and reacclimatising, there is no denying the excitement in the air. Our Skateboarding Club has, as they say, ‘gone viral’, with mentions in the local and national press, enquires coming from the wider community, and over 60 Brighton Girls students registering interest. With the turning of the season, there is a real sense of anticipation and a sense of good things to come. Speaking at our Sixth Form event, Cheryl Giovannoni, CEO of the Girls Day School Trust, summed up the current vibe at Brighton Girls vibe brilliantly by referencing the Clean Bandit song, ‘No Place I’d Rather Be’. Before you switch off for Easter, I encourage you all to listen to Cheryl’s speech, which explains why the GDST is so excited about the investment they are making in our school, by clicking on the link here.