Just before Christmas, we were delighted to receive an updated review from the Good Schools Guide. Many years have passed since our last review and we were keen to learn how we would fare, seen through the eyes of an external observer.  

The Good Schools Guide offers an honest appraisal of all aspects of a school’s provision; during a two-day visit, an independent reviewer interviewed staff and parents and, of course, spent time with the most important members of the community: our students. 

The review is full of glowing descriptions. The Art Department is “an Aladdin’s cave of treasure, with magnificent work displayed on every surface”; there is a reference to choral singing which “sounded divine”. From the “glorious glistening white Old Vicarage” to our “chic and cleverly designed” Temple reception space our buildings are praised for their design and feel. The reviewer enjoyed the “natural light” and found the “glimpse of the sea” from many windows “uplifting”. There is indeed a lovely sense of airiness and light in our school, but what made me most proud about this review was the recognition that much of this lightness and openness comes from the positive relationships being formed here. 

Our wonderful teachers are described as being ‘approachable and supportive’, possessing a ‘lovely attitude’ and being ‘so positive’. One student told the reviewer, ‘There’s nothing I feel I couldn’t ask a teacher about here’.

I am not surprised that this unique aspect of our school shone through during the reviewer’s visit. There has always been something special about the warmth of our community and the mutual respect that exists between staff and students. The reviewer noted our highly “collaborative” approach and our frequent student voice sessions, commenting that there is “an openness we don’t often see in schools between staff and students”.


Now that is uplifting. You can read the full reviews by following the links below:

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