Science Week 2022 kicked off with a fun packed programme of rockets, whoosh bottles, creepy crawlies and robotics and ended with a 4.6 metre towers and one of the world’s leading experts on stegosauruses, Dr Susie Maidment.

Year 7 enjoyed a Jaws n’ Claws session with a friendly Tenrec and a Columbian Rainbow Boa, amongst other creatures. Years 5 and 6 learned all about robotics, year 6 made their own batteries from fresh lemons then were at last able to learn about the human heart, not from diagrams or videos, but by hands on dissection (of animal hearts)!

Year 1,2,3 and 5 stepped into the Science Lab for a chemistry spectacle of bottle rockets, screaming jelly-babies, flame-throwers and whoosh bottles, with Year 5 pupils also creating rainbow flames using Bunsen burners.

Senior school students in years 8 and 9 got to witness the defecating seagull (the target was Head Girl Molly) in the Angry Gull workshop with Richard from Brighton Science.

The week finished in style with the House Science Quiz and House Construction Challenge. Gurney beat all rivals to win the quiz, then all pupils set to work in teams to build (using only newspaper and masking tape) towers reaching nearly 4 metres high. Lyttelton won the highest tower, and Stanley the best design award, while Grey won the longest bridge span – of 4.6m! Gurney achieved the best bridge design. The judges were hugely impressed with the teamwork, scale and design creativity.

As increasing numbers of female students move into the Science and Technology industry, with some very young inventors being recognised, we wonder which Brighton Girls’ students will go on to achieve recognition for their ideas or inventions (perhaps even a bridge or tower!)…?