Brighton Girls is delighted to announce the launch of our new Virtual Running Club. Recognising that more people are taking to the streets to exercise, we have decided to come together as a community and raise some money for the local Guild charity Whoopsadaisy.

The challenge is to collectively run and visit as many of our fellow GDST schools as we can, starting from our home in Brighton and meandering our way north until we reach our furthest family in Liverpool – an 860 mile trip!

The route is as follows:

    1. Brighton Girls
    2. Portsmouth 
    3. London (100 miles)
    4. Oxford
    5. Cardiff  (250 miles)
    6. Northampton
    7. Norwich   (500 miles)
    8. Nottingham
    9. Shrewsbury
    10. Sheffield
    11. Birkenhead and Belvedere

We appreciate that COVID-19 has made life harder for many accentuating the need for exercise and the positive benefits it can have on our mental health. Working together on such a monumental feat can help us raise our collective spirit and get active!

So how can you join:

  • To buy a branded t-shirt fill out this form and use your Parentpay account to purchase. T-shirts are £20 each and 100% of the profits will be donated to local charity Whoopsadaisy.
  • We have a range of sizes for men, women and kids so we are encouraging all girls, staff, parents and alumnae to join in.
  • Once purchased, your branded t-shirt can be available for collection at the Prep-Site Reception from Monday 18th January onwards.
  • Tag yourself running on one of our social media platforms below on your next run and use the hashtag #Brightongirlsrunningclub. The links to your preferred platform can be found below. 
  • Keep us updated on your running distances through this form. We are aiming to visit our fellow GDST schools around the country by collating everyone’s achievements as a community.
  • Any questions, queries or fun ideas for the club, please email

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About Whoopsadaisy 

They are based in Preston Park and specialise in offering life-changing programmes for children with a wide range of disabilities.