Debate report

Mr Sherwood: The motion before us is that ‘This House believes that the GDST Summer Debating Tournament was a great success. I would like to start

Erin Duff: Point of information…

Mr Sherwood: I will not give way – I am still in the protected first minute of my speech. As  I was saying, the Debating Competition, held on 12th June 2020…

Agatha Bloch

Ellen Benant [simultaneously): Point of information?

Mr Sherwood (with an audible sigh): I will give way… 

Agatha Bloch: It was held on 13th June

Ellen Benant: and it was a Tournament, not a Competition.

Mr Sherwood: Your points are well-made, and I apologise for having misled the House. As I was saying, the Debating Tournament…

Erin Duff: Point of information…

Mr Sherwood (irritatedly): I yield the floor… 

Erin Duff: How come they can interrupt if I can’t?

Mr Sherwood: I apologise to the Honourable Lady from 7B. If I might be permitted to continue? Thank you. The tournament lasted all day, with competitors having to travel all the way from the breakfast table to the computers by 10.30 in time for registration, and then taking part in three rounds of debates and judging, ending with the publication of results a little after 5.30. 

Agatha Bloch: Point of information? 

Mr Sherwood (becoming progressively more indignant): I give way.

Agatha Bloch: Does the speaker not believe that, since they did not participate directly in said debate tournament, it may be prudent to allow the contestants to speak?

Mr Sherwood (another, slightly louder sigh): It would seem diplomatic to. I yield the floor to Ellen Benant, Agatha Bloch, Erin Duff and Frances Giddings.

Frances Giddings: Motions included “This House would make private tuition illegal”, “This House welcomes the rise of virtual living” and “This House would select MPs by a national lottery”, with our teams being randomly allocated to represent the government or the opposition.

Ellen Benant: It was a challenging day, not least because of the hitches and glitches that come with trying to connect the GDST over the web, but it was an enjoyable one overall. 

Frances Giddings: Sheffield High School came out as worthy winners, but it’s not the winning that matters, it’s the taking part.

Erin Duff:  Let us hope that we can continue with our debating, hopefully under more propitious circumstances, in the autumn.

Mr Sherwood: Under the circumstances, I believe that we have established that the GDST Summer Debating Tournament was a great success, and commend this motion to the House.