Pupils in Year 1 saw their classroom transformed into a television studio last week. As part of this term’s learning topic on the weather, ITV Meridian’s weather presenter, Holly Green, came to talk to the class about her job and lead a weather presenting workshop. An ITV television crew accompanied Holly and they documented the day to feature it in their news programme. Year 1 interviewed Holly, with questions they had prepared such as ‘How do you know where to point when there is a green screen behind you?’ and ‘What are you holding in your hand when presenting the weather?’ The class found out for themselves as they took turns to have a go at presenting in front of the camera while others went outside to the satellite van where they could watch the action live in the ‘studio’ upstairs and see how the graphics are added and changed as it happens. Naturals in front of the cameras and confidently using newly acquired specific vocabulary, here they are with their presenting debut: http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2018-03-21/the-weather-girls-have-learned-from-holly/