On Monday 12th September, year 5 collected their suitcases and lunches and headed off for their 3-day adventure to Marchants Hill!

After a short journey on the coach, the children arrived to meet their group leader George and excitedly went to their rooms to get ready for their first activity! It was an afternoon of thrilling heights; some girls whizzed through the air on the Zip Wire while other jumped off a huge telephone pole at Power Fan or abseiled down a high tower! Everyone was very brave. Some of the girls tried their hand at the mud challenge and got very dirty! It took a long time to get clean before dinner…

After all that hard work, the girls were starving and enjoyed their hot dinner and pudding before their evening activity called Splash. This involved lots of team challenges, in particular designing and making a protective box for a water balloon so it could survive a drop from the abseiling tower! Any balloons that survived were victoriously thrown at George (with his permission).

In the morning, the girls woke (some with very little sleep!) and got ready for their first activity- raft building! It was a glorious sunny day; perfect for getting on the water. Group 3 had an especially sturdy vessel that was a challenge to dismantle!

The afternoon involved more thrilling activities for each group and ended with a glamorous disco! There was lots of energetic dancing, sparkling outfits and some surprise cake from the birthday girl Isabelle! That night everyone slept VERY well.

On the last day everyone was very sad to go home! Each group tried their hand at archery and forest survival, leaving everyone feeling like they could achieve anything! The coach arrived at 12.30 to take year 5 back to reality, feeling very tired but very proud of facing their fears.