On Friday 22nd April from 8 in the morning until 8 at night Brighton and Hove High School will celebrate Shakespeare as he should be celebrated: with his fabulous words and much, much laughter. We aim to have Shakespeare’s lines spoken non-stop for 12 hours. All students will be invited to the library to read a quotation, a speech or act a scene – singly, in pairs or groups, it doesn’t matter – all that matters is Shakespeare!

There are some added extras…. from 6pm, for the last two hours of our Shakespeare marathon, we will undertake a reading of all Shakespeare’s sonnets – all 154 of them. Please help us! You can choose your sonnet and sign up here.  There will be light refreshments to accompany this sonnet extravaganza so do join us in the library from 6 – all are welcome: parents, students, staff, friends!

There will also be – for one performance only – extracts from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at 4. This will be the ‘Dream’ as you’ve never seen it before, performed by a mystery cast…. There may be a bit of type casting as Peter Quince attempts to get Nick Bottom and friends to perform ‘A tedious brief scene of young Pyramus and his love Thisbe; very tragical mirth’. Not to be missed, we can’t promise you great acting or a slick performance but we can definitely promise you an unbelievable entertainment.

Nobody needs to wait until next week to start celebrating Shakespeare: the English Firefly page has a cornucopia of different activities and competitions for all tastes. The Shakespeare aficionados can try out the sonnet competitions but there are limericks, mash-ups and even Shakespeare photo-bombs. Check out the Firefly page for all the details of these and much, much more.

Friday 22nd April 8-8: celebrate William Shakespeare with BHHS.