Age 3 - 4 Preschool

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Welcome to Brighton Girls Preschool, where little minds embark on a journey of discovery and growth within a nurturing environment. Our Preschool, designed for girls aged 3-4, offers a unique blend of educational experiences tailored to their developmental needs.

Susannah Marchand Head of Early Years

A typical day

There are a number of ways in which we enhance and enrich the Foundation Stage curriculum and its seven areas of learning. Days are planned carefully to stimulate children’s social, physical and intellectual growth, while always maintaining a sense of fun.

In today’s digital age, coding skills are essential for future success. We have specialist weekly coding lessons with our Digital Learning Lead, sparking an early interest in technology and problem-solving.

Beyond the classroom

Our Beach School program, which runs every two weeks (weather and tide permitting), provides hands-on learning opportunities, fosters a deep connection with nature and encourages curiosity and exploration.

Weekly swimming lessons not only instil water safety skills but also promote physical development and confidence in the water, setting a foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment and fitness.


Whatever challenges your daughter may face, we ensure they enjoy starting primary school and are ready and eager to grasp the future. By being consistently supportive and encouraging independent thought we instil confidence yet also a consideration for others.

The atmosphere we create provides a safe space, physically and emotionally, for your daughter to develop to her full potential.

We have a before school breakfast club which runs from 7:30 and an After School Care provision which caters for children until 18:00.

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