Choosing the right school is a pivotal decision for every parent and student. As you navigate through your options, it’s essential to consider an environment that not only promises excellent academics but also fosters personal growth and confidence. For many, all-girls schools offer just that. Here’s why:

Tailored Learning Approaches

At Brighton Girls, we understand that each student possesses unique strengths and learns in her own way. As specialists in girls’ education, we tailor our teaching methods to the ways girls learn best, helping them realise that there are no limits to what they can achieve. This approach not only enhances academic performance but also builds a lifelong love of learning.

A History of Pioneering in Girls’ Education

Our school is not just a place of learning; it is a community rich in history and spirit. As a founding school of the Girls’ Day School Trust, we carry forward the legacy of pioneers in girls’ education. This history is woven into our daily school life and inspires our students to pursue their passions with courage and determination.

Innovative and Inclusive Environment

Located in the heart of the vibrant city of Brighton, Brighton Girls mirrors the city’s eclectic, creative, and enterprising spirit. Our reimagined classroom spaces are designed to foster innovation and creativity, allowing girls to explore their interests in a supportive and boundary-free environment.

Developing Courage and Community Values

We believe in nurturing not just academic abilities but also personal virtues. Our students learn the importance of kindness and community alongside developing their individual talents. This holistic approach ensures that our girls not only succeed in their personal and professional lives but also contribute positively to society.

Empirical Support

Research, such as the Girls’ Futures Report by our parent company GDST, highlights the positive impacts of all-girls schooling. These include higher confidence levels, greater interest in STEM subjects, and a stronger inclination toward leadership roles.

Real Impact

Our aim is for every student to leave Brighton Girls with the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. We equip them with the skills to combine courage with kindness, making real impacts in their pursuits.

See for Yourself

The best way to understand the impact of an all-girls education is to experience it first-hand. We invite you to book a school tour or contact our admissions team to learn more about what Brighton Girls can offer your daughter.

Choosing an all-girls school like Brighton Girls is more than an educational decision; it’s a step towards empowering your daughter to meet the challenges of the world with intelligence, integrity, and respect for others.