100 Brighton Girls Prep pupils had the amazing experience of performing at London’s O2 Arena this January.

Young Voices Choir holds the record for the largest children’s choir concerts in the world, bringing together pupils from thousands of schools to perform to packed audiences. For our Prep pupils this was the culmination of many weeks of practice, lead by Mrs Woodcock.

Students set off by coach and on arrival at the O2 joined afternoon rehearsals, wearing their special YV t-shirts, ahead of the big event.  They gave a brilliant performance delivered with energy and confidence. It was a magical night with special performances from guest artists including the legendary Heather Small.

Well done everyone!  Many parents headed to London to be in the audience and here are some of their comments:

“The event was astounding and an experience the girls will never ever forget, imagine to be part of the energy in that venue and get to sing and dance with so many children including their friends!”

“What an amazing concert it was, thank you for giving the girls (and us) such an amazing experience.”