By Freya and Iona, Year 12

The Space Tech Diploma combines Computer Science and Physics. We are using code to replicate various things, such as the MIRI instrument in the James Webb telescope, which is able to detect other planets in space, and try to find out more about what is around us.

In our taught lessons we perfect code that we are given so that it functions and discuss what each stage of the code does so that we fully understand it. We also have a joint Teams meeting with students from other GDST schools to discuss next steps in the project and we have guest speakers, such as Dr Bill Crofts, leader of the WUSAT project at Warwick University.

Next year, we are going on a trip to Hertfordshire University and Airbus with other Year 12 participants across the GDST to meet people in the industry and improve our understanding of the projects we are undertaking.

Freya and Iona are among the first cohort studying the new Space Technology Diploma.  

This exciting new Space technology Diploma has been developed by the GDST to address the education sector’s role in the UK aim to position itself as a Science and Technology superpower.  The Diploma is supported by the University of Hertfordshire School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science.