On Wednesday 8 June, thirteen schools(including our sister school, Putney High) took part in the Advanced Maths Support Programme Year 9 Maths Picnic. Teams of three students tested their maths skills with an all-you-can-eat picnic of problems! The competition involved four rounds aptly named –  Sandwich Countdown, Crisp Crossnumber, Salad Study, and Pasty Puzzle – and took place over two hours.

It was an all-girls event supporting women in Mathematics and the first event to take place in our newly renovated Temple building. Thank you to the teams from Brighton Girls – Charlie Bloch, Imogen Day, Veronika Jantayeva, Maria Anderson, Rachel Anderson and Catherine Clay – all of whom performed brilliantly. A big thank you also to our Y10 students: Millie Romain, Daphne Anastasakis, Ruby Allen and Matylda de Laurans who helped run the event.