In this Temple Podcast the Head Girls Team interview Gem Ogston, plant-based chef of Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen, author and mum about well-being through foods that boost your mood and support your mental health.

Gem talks about foods to help you during exams, for sport and for balancing hormones. Did you know, for example, that foods with selenium can help beat anxiety, or that cherries produce melatonin to help you sleep?

2022 trends are likely to include more of us looking to reduce meat. If you’re replacing meat, what are you replacing it with?

Our Head Girl also asks Gem about shopping with less waste and Gem discusses how small changes make a big impact.

Produced by Alysia Woodcock, Marcie Kennedy & Maisie Venables
Presented by Molly Kronhamn, Beverley Fung & Phoebe Dowglass
Podcast Logo by Ayesha Potts
Thank you to Gem Ogston of Gems Wholesome Kitchen

Brighton Girls’ Podcasters club is open to all Senior school students and meets every Friday lunchtime.