This year we held our first ever ‘Wellbeing Week’ at Brighton Girls. With a plethora of activities to take part in, the goal was to support the students mental and physical wellbeing, as well as having fun! 


We started off the week with a visit from Rebecca Reid who spoke to the whole school about the power of being assertive and challenging gender stereotypes. Year 10 and 11 were then fortunate enough to spend another hour with Rebecca which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Tuesday brought with it some lovely weather as Year 11 made their long overdue trip to Hove Lagoon, during the day they experienced a variety of water sports. Tuesday also saw our first of two days of BOUNCE FIT. This proved hugely popular with both pupils and staff as we all experienced a new way of carrying out exercise. All year groups thoroughly enjoyed themselves and many pupils and staff have spoken about their desire to join a permanent class.


Wednesday and Thursday brought with them a focus on Black History Month with students exploring the Mali Empire as well as experiencing the foods of West Africa at lunchtime. In Prep the girls created ‘collective artworks’ while learning about the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Finally, Friday saw Wellbeing Week end with a bang with events for all year groups. Year 7 had a wonderful time team building at Blacklands Farm, Year 8 pushed themselves out of their comfort zones at Paultons Park, Year 9 explored a selection of techniques to boost their mood, Year 10 learnt what it takes to build a successful brand and launch an eco-friendly product, finally Year 11 took a trip down memory lane at Marwell Zoo where they also considered the impact and importance of nature on our mental health.


All students, and staff, have had a brilliant week and this is only the beginning! Our wellbeing programme continues throughout the year and we will see the return of Wellbeing Week in the spring term.  Check out some photos from the week below!