Between 12th and 14th November, Brighton Girls underwent a three-day Focused Compliance Inspection, combined with an Inspection of Educational Quality.

Since the school was last inspected, the framework for inspection has changed. The Educational Quality inspection focuses on two key outcomes: the achievement of the pupils, including their academic development; and the personal development of the pupils, with the highest judgement being ‘excellent’.

Rosie McColl is delighted to report that both the pupils’ academic and personal development at Brighton Girls were judged to be “excellent.” The full report can be accessed here but below is a snapshot of some of the key findings.

Academic Achievement

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is “excellent”.

The inspectors were impressed by the “high quality of teaching in lessons” throughout the school and noted that the girls “set themselves high standards in their approach to learning”. They reported that the girls possess “excellent higher order thinking” skills and advanced “linguistic and communication skills”. In the Senior School, examination results are above the national average and progress made by all pupils, from the Nursery through to the Sixth Form, including those with special educational needs and English as an additional language, was deemed to be excellent.

Personal Development

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is “excellent”.

The inspectors were impressed by the high level of pastoral care at Brighton Girls. They commented in particular on the positive relationships the girls develop here, both with each other and with their teachers. They noted that the girls are “self-confident”, exhibiting “high levels of self-esteem and self-discipline” and that they “demonstrate great respect when challenging each other’s ideas”. Around the school, inspectors noticed that pupils are polite and courteous – qualities that have struck me time and again during my first week here.  When visiting clubs and societies, the inspectors witnessed empathy and compassion, describing the girls as “very aware of those less fortunate than themselves”.

Focused Compliance Inspection

The Compliance inspection reports only on the school’s compliance with the standards and I am pleased to report that, in all areas, these standards were met.