Brighton Girls is excited to launch its new Design Hub in The Vicarage this September.

 Good schools recognise the importance of test and exam results – which are of course crucial to progress up the educational ladder. Great schools, however, prepare their pupils for success beyond formal education.

In a rapidly-changing world, there’s a premium on creativity, intellectual flexibility and collaborative skills. It’s not just what is taught, but how it is taught that matters.

Girls benefit from a teaching approach that encourages them to be active participants, and to take responsibility for their learning. There is a focus on instilling curiosity, a joy of learning and intellectual independence.

While more enlightened methods of learning, and the technology that supports this, are introduced, the physical spaces often take longer to adapt. Our new Design Hub therefore is the environment where teachers and pupils take learning to the next level.

Rooms will be dedicated to a particular stage in design thinking. Flexible, safe spaces in which to experiment and innovate. Pupils will work independently or in groups to discuss, research, define, design, prototype, evaluate and finally present ideas.

This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to start using this brand new facility to tackle real-world challenges with the power of design.