On Saturday morning our intrepid group of 52 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh students met up in the gloom at Devils Dyke carpark, laden with rucksacks containing tents, trangias, first aid kits, sleeping bags and lots of food, including those lovely marshmallows.

Maps and compasses to the ready and off set the 8 groups in a staggered phase. As they did so the clouds lifted and they could see where they were going at last.

Map reading needs a lot of concentration, but also teamwork. Each group had a few map reading errors but hopefully they have learnt from this practice weekend and will not make the same mistakes next time.

Their camping and cooking skills were good and they left the campsite on Sunday in high spirits, although with wet tents, as it had rained overnight. The weather was not too hot, but by the afternoon some were  feeling very tired and still had the ascent of the hill up to the car park at Devils Dyke! They all managed this and were met with great cheers by parents who were present. Well done all of you!

The planning starts now for their assessed weekend and the students have already been given maps and instructions.