As part of the school’s 140th anniversary celebrations, students in KS2 at Brighton and Hove High School Juniors took part in an afternoon of 140 minutes of continuous fun and fitness activities. On a 20 minute rotation, forms waited to be tagged by the outgoing group to take over the challenge. Once inside, girls were committed to being physically active for 20 minute periods starting off with a crazy steps warm up in the hall under the countdown timer. Up and over the benches, under the parachute and then down to the end to score a goal in the netball post.

With a personalised sound track made up from contributions from all the forms involved, they worked in time to the music and encouragement from the staff,around the around the varied circuit. The strength of this event came from the engagement and enthusiasm that the girls showed throughout: they got stuck into all the skills, working collaboratively as a key stage. The final group came down and 30 seconds from the end positioned themselves in the hall to be able to see the countdown timer zero off. Hugh shrieks of delight could be heard from the hall as we achieved the full 140 minutes of continuous fitness and, of course, fun.