On 9th – 12th July 35 staff and girls travelled to Iceland for an adventure like no other. The trip was a whirlwind tour of outstanding natural beauty, with an opportunity for the perfect ‘selfie’ around every corner! Some of the best moments were a Whale watching tour where not only did we see a vast array of sea life including: White Nose Dolphins, Minke Whales, Puffins and Porpoises but two girls managed to charm their way onto the bridge of the ship and have a lesson in boat handling.

We also visited many amazing waterfalls including Skogaerfoss, one of the biggest in the country, which was accessible via a mountain of stairs. Once at the top the views were outstanding, but stand close enough at the bottom and those unfortunate to not be wearing waterproofs were quickly soaked by the spray. We were also able to go behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall and our other favourite waterfall was one with water so pure that you could drink from it. As everyone rushed to fill up their water bottles the Year 11’s cried with happiness “it was so beautiful.”

We stopped one day to visit an incredible glacier and beautiful canyon which would have been the perfect setting for a movie. The Icelandic highlands seemed very surreal and desolate, we felt as though we had walked into The Lord of The Rings!

We were also lucky to be staying in cabins at the foot of the Eyjafjallajokull glacier which provided many an opportunity in which to socialise with girls in other year groups. However on the last day, after a minor complication with an alarm clock, we had to struggle across the campsite whilst being chased by the new extra for the next Lord of the Rings remake, “Jamie” the sheep. Fortunately we were bravely protected by two girls who had become official Vikings earlier in the week following an initiation ceremony.

Thank you to Mr Goold, Mrs Mashford and Ms Boyes who came with us “it was an amazing experience!”