Scholarship and bursary applications for Year 7 entry

Academic Scholarships

A small number of academic scholarships each year will be awarded to girls who perform very highly in the assessments taken in the Academic Enrichment Day for Early Doors students, or in our Entrance Assessments for 11+ students. There is no need to apply for these separately.

Academic Enrichment Day for Early Doors 22 November 2021

Temple Scholarships

A small number of Temple Scholarships are awarded to candidates who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the school. We are looking for girls who will inspire their peers and act as ambassadors both for Brighton Girls and the Girls Day School Trust.

Areas for particular consideration are music, sport, drama, dance, art or any other activity to which the candidate brings a special enthusiasm or interest. Girls may apply for up to three areas for consideration.

Candidates will be initially assessed on the basis of a completed Temple Scholarship application form alongside their performance in the Entrance Assessments.

All awards are confidential and are dependent upon the funds made available by the Scholarship and Bursary Committee. While not all scholarships carry a monetary value, a small number of scholarships are available each year with a maximum value of £1,000 fee remission.

Temple Scholarship Application Forms

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Art

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Dance

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Drama

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Music

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Music – Vocal Scholarship

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Sport

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Sport – Football

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Sport – Gymnastics

Brighton Girls Temple Scholarship Application – Sport – Skateboarding

Please return completed forms to


Year 7 Bursaries are awarded based on performance in our entrance assessment process, school reference and interview. There are very few available and highly sought after. Please note, eligibility does not guarantee award.

To be considered for a Brighton GDST Award:

A girl must have performed exceptionally well in our Year 7 assessments and interview.

The girl’s parents must be assessed as eligible for a Bursary Award by the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) Financial Means Assessment.

GDST Financial Means Assessment Eligibility

Bursary applications are assessed by the GDST, but an initial conversation about eligibility should always be had with our Admissions Department.

Bursary applicants will be assessed by the GDST and our staff may also make an appointment to visit you at home.

To assess who is eligible for a bursary we consider a range of objective criteria including the income and capital resources of the families applying. It is anticipated that bursary awards will last for the duration of the student’s time at school.

We re-assess every year to take account of significant changes in family income and circumstances. A bursary may go up or down to reflect these. This ensures those most in need receive our support.

Most higher-value bursaries are awarded to pupils from families with a total income of less than £37,500 per year who have no capital assets other than their home.

It is highly unlikely that a bursary would be awarded to a family whose annual income is greater than £87,500, other than in very exceptional circumstances.

A girl’s academic performance will be a key consideration when the School is deciding whether or not to award a bursary.

All bursary applications must be made prior to attending the December Assessment Day (Part 1).

How to apply for a Bursary Award:

Parents can access apply for access to our bursary site from

You will then be sent the login page to our bursary system. Here you will be able to create a new parent account, then log in again as a registered user to access the online application.

Key dates:

Bursary Application deadline: 31 October 2021

Application deadline: 31 October 2021

Scholarship Application deadline: 31 October 2021

Assessment and Interview dates:

Interviews with the Head will take place throughout the Autumn. The Head’s PA will be in touch with dates available.

Assessment Day Part 1 Saturday 11 December 2021

Assessment Day Part 2 Monday 4 January 2022 and Saturday 8 January 2022

Temple Scholarship Assessment dates:

Following consideration of applications assessments will take place at Brighton Girls on the following dates:

Monday 10 January 2022 Temple Sports Scholarship Assessment
– including Football, Gymnastics and Skateboarding

Tuesday 11 January 2022 Temple Dance Scholarship Assessment

Wednesday 12 January 2022 Temple Drama Scholarship Assessment

Thursday 13 January 2022 Temple Music Scholarship Assessment
– including Vocal

Friday 14 January 2022 Temple Art Scholarship Assessment

Scholarships cannot be deferred to a later point of entry and are time-limited.

Pupils holding these awards are expected to be excellent ambassadors for Brighton Girls and their performance is reviewed annually.

The School’s decision on awards is final.


What is the main difference between a scholarship and a bursary?
The key difference is that a bursary is means-tested and a scholarship is not. We offer bursaries so that a GDST education is accessible to the best and the brightest girls, including those who are not in a position to pay full fees.

A bursary takes into account academic ability but its value is directly related to the income and financial resources of your family. Scholarships are awarded purely on academic (or sporting, or artistic, or dramatic, or musical) merit, as measured in our entrance exam or subsequent scholarship process, and take no account of family income or resources.

Who can apply for a bursary or scholarship?
Our GDST bursaries and scholarships are available to any student for 11+ and 16+ entry. A girl may hold two scholarships at any one time, and they may also be held in conjunction with a bursary.

Could a bursary or scholarship be withdrawn?
Very rarely, the school may withdraw a bursary or scholarship if, for example, you provide inaccurate information, or your child’s behaviour or work is unsatisfactory. Please also note that we reassess each family every year to take account of significant changes in family income and circumstances.
A bursary may go up or down to reflect these changes. This ensures that those most in need receive our support.

11+ Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to the assessment process for entry into Year 7 2022. We recognise the strain put on our young people, and on families, in recent months and please be assured that we are factoring this into our admissions processes.

Brighton Girls 11+ Toolkit Y7 Entry 2022

If you have any queries please do get in touch with admissions – we are very much here to help

T. 01273 280 280

Brighton Girls – Designing the Future

We are excited to unveil a multi-million-pound development. This ambitious community building project will welcome the public for the first time into the former home of Regency city landowner Thomas Kemp. Under bold plans by Head Rosie McColl, who took the school’s helm in January 2020, the ornate landmark will be reworked to become a community hub including a learning space for pupils, a wellbeing café and flexible working space for local entrepreneurs to use. The school also hopes to transform the landscaping at the front of the Temple and the school’s green spaces.

This is only one strand of Rosie McColl’s vision for Brighton Girls which can be viewed in the brochure below. The project reunites our Prep school pupils with the main campus as they leave the premises on Radinden Manor Road (which will become our Sports Ground) and move back into The Vicarage in Temple Gardens where the Prep school used to be.

The Head explains “We want to create a setting where there are big sisters to mentor little sisters in a school that is a home to girls aged from four right through to 18. Our junior pupils will benefit from new specialist spaces for art, science and design. With a dedicated early years playground and a tree-lined lawn at the centre of the site, our younger pupils will have a space to play, to discover, and to learn on a unique campus in our vibrant, buzzing city.”

While the ground floor of the Temple will be used as a collaborative space for all, the top floor will be redesigned as a hub for the school’s sixth formers and the basement will have state-of-the-art music facilities for the school’s musicians to learn and practise in.