Scholarships at Sixth Form

Brighton Girls is committed to encouraging and rewarding girls who we feel will most likely flourish in our Sixth Form. That’s why we have Sixth Form Minerva Scholarships, named after the Roman Goddess of Wisdom. As a Scholar you’ll be encouraged and expected to throw yourself fully into school life. You’ll have the opportunity to provide leadership to the lower forms, to dig deep into your chosen subject, to represent the school externally, to stretch yourself in national competitions, and to be mentored by people who’re already successful in your area of interest and excellence.

What is a Minerva Scholarship?
It’s an opportunity for us to encourage girls whom we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the Sixth Form and the school. Each Scholarship will be made up of subjects for which they have a passion; ones where they will lead and inspire others throughout the school.
As a Minerva Scholar your teachers will be aware of your scholar status at A-Level and in turn support you in achieving your very best. Teachers will have high expectations of your commitment to your studies, and will challenge you by offering further study, reading and exposure to your chosen subject area. Staff will be on hand to support you in your learning in class, as well as one-to-one sessions which focus on your individual ambitions. Prepare to be excited and challenged in equal measure by your teachers as they support you to flourish as an individual who seeks out learning opportunities both in the classroom and beyond.

Scholarship Opportunities
Minerva Scholars are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities that develop their critical-thinking, leadership and general knowledge. They are also given the opportunity to attend conferences, exhibitions and shows that feed into their academic studies.
Scholars are expected to be good role models for younger years, not just in terms of behaviour and attitude but also encouraging junior years to look deeper into their favourite subjects, to participate in positive activism and to get involved in their local community.

Who should apply?
A small number of scholarships are awarded to candidates who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the Sixth Form and the school. We are looking for girls who will inspire their peers and act as ambassadors both for Brighton Girls and the Girls’ Day School Trust.

How awards are assessed?
Scholarships are awarded on the strength of current GCSE work, the submission of a personal statement, a critical writing piece (essay) set on the day of the interview, and an interview; which will include a 10-minute presentation. To be eligible for a Sixth Form scholarship candidates should be working at the standard of a minimum of three GCSEs at Grade 8 and four GCSEs at Grade 7; as assessed via school based exams and school targets.

Personal Statement
We ask all applicants to submit a personal statement (written by the candidate) in support of their application about why they would like to be a scholar at Brighton Girls (maximum length 500 words).

Presentation, Critical Writing Essay and Interview
Girls should create a 10-minute presentation reflecting their personal statement, outlining their achievements, aspirations and goals. Within this, girls should answer the following questions:
1. Why would you make a good Sixth Form Scholar?
2. How do you see your role and involvement in school in the Sixth Form?
3. What new ideas could you bring to the Sixth Form?
You will deliver your presentation to an interview panel. This will be followed by questions relating to your presentation.

Girls will also be required to write a critical writing piece on the day of interview.

Bursary Applications at Sixth Form

Who should apply for a Sixth Form Bursary? 
Anyone who would benefit from one of our two fully funded places in Sixth Form. Or indeed, one of our partially funded places. We are committed to recruiting girls whom we believe are most likely to flourish at Brighton Girls, regardless of their means. To this end GDST make full and partially supported places available for talented girls.
It is essential that families who may wish to explore financial support options contact our Admissions Department well in advance of the proposed date of admission, so that they have the greatest chance of being considered for the limited funds available. We regret that we are unable consider late requests for additional funding support and all published deadlines will be adhered to.

Bursary application process
Bursary applications are subject to a financial means assessment, conducted by the GDST, but an initial conversation about eligibility should always be had with our Admissions Department. On receipt of your application we will advise you of the next steps, which will include completing an assessment of your family income and financial means. Bursary applicants will be assessed by the GDST and our staff may also make an appointment to visit you at home.
On completion of this process, the GDST will advise on whether you are eligible. To assess who is eligible for a bursary we consider a range of objective criteria including the income and capital resources of the families applying. It is anticipated that bursary awards will last for the duration of the student’s time at school. We re-assess every year to take account of significant changes in family income and circumstances. A bursary may go up or down to reflect these. This ensures those most in need receive our support.
Most higher-value bursaries are awarded to pupils from families with a total income of less than £37,500 per year who have no capital assets other than their home. It is highly unlikely that a bursary would be awarded to a family whose annual income is greater than £87,500, other than in very exceptional circumstances.
A girl’s academic performance will be a key consideration when the School is deciding whether or not to award a bursary. All bursary applications must be made prior to entry assessments.

How to apply

The Sixth Form Application Form should be submitted no later than 8 February 2021, with accompanying personal statement.

Step 1

The Sixth Form 2021 application form is our online form – which can be accessed below:

Sixth Form 2021 Application Form

Step 2

Scholarship applicants – please complete the scholarship application form here:

Sixth Form Minerva Scholarship Application – Sept 2021

If applying for a scholarship and bursary please use the form above.

Bursary-only applicants (i.e. without scholarship) – please complete the Sixth Form personal statement form here:

SIXTH FORM 2021 APPLICATION (Personal Statement)

Please return completed forms (Step 2) to

Key dates

Bursary application deadline: Monday 30 November 2020*

Application application deadline: Monday 8 February 2021

Scholarship application deadline: Monday 8 February 2021

Interview timings confirmed: Friday 12 February 2021

Presentation and interview: 15 February 2021 – 23 February 2021

Offers: Monday 1 March 2021

Acceptance deadline: Monday 22 March 2021

*Please note exceptions to this date can be made at the discretion of the Head, please contact

Sixth Form Award Holders’ Responsibilities 
Our Scholars and Award Holders are expected to demonstrate a passionate commitment to life at Brighton Girls. As such our Scholars and Award Holders are expected to contribute fully to life at school, show real commitment to our extra-curricular programme and inspire their peers. It is our hope that award holders will become leaders in the life of the Sixth Form and the school.

Additional Information 
All offers for an award will be made in writing and subject to the terms and conditions included within that offer. The offer will be final and no further adjustments will be made. The tenure of any award is intended to be for the duration of the girl’s school career at Brighton Girls, provided that her academic progress, commitment and dedication, general conduct and contribution to the School remains at a high level. On accepting an award, parents, and where appropriate pupils, will be asked to sign an agreement which will outline in detail their obligations. This agreement will remain in place throughout the time the pupil remains at Brighton Girls.

In general, pupils in receipt of an award are required to contribute significantly to the School and the particular areas set out in their offer letter and agreement. They are required to work hard and contribute positively to the life at the School and set a good example to other pupils.

The School’s decision on awards is final.


What is the main difference between a scholarship and a bursary?
The key difference is that a bursary is means-tested and a scholarship is not. We offer bursaries so that a GDST education is accessible to the best and the brightest girls, including those who are not in a position to pay full fees.

A bursary takes into account academic ability but its value is directly related to the income and financial resources of your family. Scholarships are awarded purely on academic (or sporting, or artistic, or dramatic, or musical) merit, as measured in our entrance exam or subsequent scholarship process, and take no account of family income or resources.

Who can apply for a bursary or scholarship?
Our GDST bursaries and scholarships are available to any student for 11+ and 16+ entry. A girl may hold two scholarships at any one time, and they may also be held in conjunction with a bursary.

Could a bursary or scholarship be withdrawn?
Very rarely, the school may withdraw a bursary or scholarship if, for example, you provide inaccurate information, or your child’s behaviour or work is unsatisfactory. Please also note that we reassess each family every year to take account of significant changes in family income and circumstances.
A bursary may go up or down to reflect these changes. This ensures that those most in need receive our support.

If you have any queries please do get in touch with admissions – we are very much here to help

T. 01273 280 280 or 07590 046830